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You spend all this time and effort to make your home the kind of place you want to be 24/7 and February 14th should be no exception. Plus, you’re probably still recovering from spending so much cash over the holiday season that going out seems like a bit much. Although a dinner reservation at a fancy restaurant sounds great, these 5 ways to enjoy your home this Valentine’s Day (broken down by room) might encourage you to stay in!

The Kitchen

This space is primarily functional on a regular work week. Between making coffee before a busy day, prepping a weeknight meal or staring in the fridge before bed because you’re STILL hungry; it’s not the most romantic spot in the house. But who says you can’t make this part of your way to enjoy your home this Valentine’s Day? We suggest heading to the grocery store and getting all the fixings for a heart-shaped pizza night or using that pasta maker you got as a wedding gift and still haven’t used. The point is to make it a fun activity for you and your loved one to make together (a little candle light couldn’t hurt too).

The Bedroom

For being one of the most obviously romantic rooms in the house, we tend to forget to make this space somewhere special. A spot we tend to only visit after we’ve brushed our teeth and our eyes are halfway shut, the bedroom can still be a way to enjoy your home this Valentine’s Day. Might we suggest getting the mini lights out of holiday storage and creating a magical oasis for you and your loved one? Heck, why don’t you bring the pillows in from the other rooms as well and make it a full on cozy love shack? Add a little music and you’ve got a really good thing going… and we’ll let you take all the credit.

The Living Room

Let’s face it, this time of year the sky is dark by 5pm, and that usually means you’re curled up in your comfiest PJs by 5:30. Whether you’re a closet reality TV fanatic or more of a ‘Netflix & Chill’ kind of person, the living room is where you spend the majority of your time. And believe or not, it can yield some romance too. We suggest changing things up, take the cushions off the couch and take advantage of the prime fireside real estate in front of your fireplace. You would pay a lot of money to get a seat like that in a swanky lounge so why not create your a VIP spot in your very own living room? Mix in some carefully chosen charcuterie and a nice bottle of wine and we guarantee this will be one of the most romantic nights you’ve had in years.

The Bathroom

When was the last time you used that glorious bathtub you just ‘had to have’ when you renovated? Our guess is a while ago, and we get it! Our lives are so busy these days, we rarely have time to draw a bath and unwind from it all. But creating your own at-home spa night might be one of the easiest (and maybe most romantic) ways to enjoy your home this Valentine’s Day. As cheesy as it may seem, rose petals in the bathtub are NEVER a bad thing; and flickering candles against your favourite tile (that you also had to have) will make you and your loved one relaxed on this mid-week celebration. We’re so used to seeing the bathroom in LED that sometimes, it’s nice to change up the lighting scheme and pretend you’re somewhere else.

The Bar

Okay, we know not everyone is lucky enough to have an actual ‘bar’, but a counter top or bar cart will suffice in case you don’t. Now we’re not saying just mix some drinks and call it a day, we’re talking about creating a dedicated area to make your loved one a fancy cocktail or even host a blind wine tasting (if that’s not a thing yet, it will be). Grab some exotic ingredients and make your very own bar menu and be sure to decorate with flowers. Disclaimer: your loved one might love this idea so much, you’ll be expected to do it for every occasion.

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No matter what you choose to do, remember that the simplest of ideas can go a long way for Valentine’s Day.

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