children's room futuristic space theme
In: Style + Decorate

It’s 2019 and technology is now integrated into almost every aspect of our lives. Because of this, we’re seeing more folks come up with creative ideas for children’s rooms — encouraging kids to play, just like the good old days. That being said, anyone from our generation will attest that the following room design ideas were by no means the norm for us when we were young, but quite frankly we’re a bit envious of these spaces!

1. There’s a couple lucky kids out there who get to call this ‘swinging’ space home.

2. Modern Scandinavian meets Space Age with this inventive children’s room.

3. The perfect solution for an energetic and adventurous kid — a personal rock climbing wall!

4. With a room like this one, you’ll have all the kids on the street coming to hang out. The ultimate children’s lounge.

5. They’re very own cabin in the woods. This is very Vancouver.

6. When you’re jealous of your kid’s room…

7. And finally, for those parents that are a little more extra than the rest of us. But seriously, how fun is this?