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If you’ve been keeping up with our Instagram lately, we’ve been focusing on the #NestleIntoNovember mentality.  Today, we’re talking about the spa inspired bathroom and how YOU can get one of your own. There’s something about it being pitch black by 5:30pm that makes us want to hermit (and we’re sure we’re not the only ones). The best solution to the Vancouver perma chills is having a calm and warm place to retreat and soak all your worries away.


7 Ways to Get a Spa Inspired Bathroom


1. A Place for Everything

The spa is a place to relax, so obviously everything should be just so. We love personalizing our client’s bathrooms to make nooks for all their needs. Towels have their own alcove and products are stocked and in arms reach. Keeping your bathroom up to these standards is tough, but the smallest details go a long way when you’re trying to relax.

2. ‘Fancy’ Lighting

We should correct ourselves, by ‘fancy’ we just mean ‘not your typical bathroom lighting’. A simple chandelier and/or unique wall sconces will make you feel like you’re at the Plaza–and let’s face it, we all like to dream. We love how symmetrical the lighting is in the spa bathroom pictured above. Absolute perfection.

3. Fancy Fixtures

Okay so this time we meant it. As home builders, we’re seeing a lot of unique faucets on the market. We love this sleek modern faucet because it doesn’t impede on the available space in the beautiful big tub. Plus we can only imaging how glorious it must sound when you’re drawing a bath.

4. Make it Easy on Yourself

Because heaven forbid you need to step out once you’ve done the initial (and usually hot) submerge. Either invest in a bath board or even better, make your own! These things are a life saver–bath bubbles, face cloth, book… wine… you’re set. Remember to leave the phone in another room, you are relaxing after all.

5. Luxurious Texture

Next time you’re at a spa, take a look around. You’ll notice plenty of textures filling the space. From velvets + fabrics to concrete and tile. It’s all about creating that luxe atmosphere. We could get a massage at the clinic down the street but when we come to the spa, we expect to feel like royalty–and does it ever feel good!

6. Natural Light

It may not always be easy to find (and some may not have this option at all) but obviously natural indirect light is optimal when creating your very own spa inspired bathroom. When we work with our clients, we always try to find the light wherever we can. A small skylight can make the world of difference–plus, it’s a great way to start your day!

7. Nature’s Influence

A spa inspired bathroom must be one with nature. Lush greenery, wood, stones, shells and such are all ways to transform your regular ‘ol bathroom into a rich natural oasis. Take a walk on the beach and see what you find, bring back a piece of driftwood from your next trip to the island or simply pick up a few small plants from your local nursery. These little additions make the world of difference.