bathtub walk-in shower trend
More adventurous design in bathrooms is a pretty predictable response to the safe, neutral-zone zen looks of past decades. Homeowners are clearly looking for bigger personality, flash, and a dose of the unexpected. At the heart of this direction is a ‘more is more’ philosophy that fearlessly mixes materials, textures, patterns, finishes, and even different styles together—and we’re here for it!

Here are the top bold bathroom trends that you’ll want to see more of this year.

1 / Jewel Box Bathrooms 

Wallpaper is practically a must-do in powder rooms at the moment, and that deserves its own blog post in due time (we promise).

But wallpaper in main bathrooms has taken off too, especially with romantic floral prints that are modern, so you don’t go down that road where Laura Ashley lives. Layered with luxe tiles, elegant finishes, and special accents, you’ll be sure to get that jewel-box feeling when you open the door.

wallpaper bathroom trend
Source: Studio McGee – Ivy’s Bathroom

The jewel-box bathroom look is spirited, eye-catching and definitely a great example of ‘more is more’ bathrooms. As you can see with these images, “bold” doesn’t necessarily mean bright. Whether you use floral wallpaper or a beautiful tile as the starting point, it’s about mixing and layering design elements to make a big impact.

jewel box bathroom with pastels and gold
Source: Fireclay Tile

2 / Striking Lighting

Lighting choices that stand out, rather than blending in. Think showy sconces and outsized pendants that set the tone for the space, while blowing everyone’s socks off as they enter your bathroom.

black statement bathtub master bathroom
Source: Raili Ca Design

It takes a little bravery to go with unusual or larger-sized lights than you might initially choose. In our books extra light in the bathroom is always a good thing.

3 / Black Fixtures 

Black adds bold sophistication to any room. It compliments almost any colour, providing an eye-catching contrast. 

black fixtures trend bathroom
Source: Lindsey Galloway – Project Marigold

Dramatic black tubs are stealing the show in this bathroom trend, especially when paired with a stunning pendant (see above #2 and below #4). Also to be filed under black wow-worthy bathroom looks: Crittall metal-framed windows, which are framing showers as screens.

walk-in shower with crittall frame
Image: Ca’ Pietra tiles

4 / High Contrast Black & White

While we’re still seeing dark, moody bathrooms, this Gothic look isn’t for everyone. An easier way to experience broad sweeps of black is to focus it on one area or surface of the bathroom, such as the walls, floor, or shower. 

black and white bathroom trend
Source: Jean Stoffer Design – Lakeside

Then pair it with equal doses of white and accents of warm metal or wood – like on that gorgeous herringbone ceiling below – to keep the look fresh and approachable.

black and white bathroom trend
Source: Becki Owens – Summit Creek

Did anyone notice the black statement bathtub and oversized glass teardrop pendant? We’re not just making these trends up.

5 / Colour Pop

Raise your hand if you’re ready for bold colour. Us too, and it was really hard to choose just one image here! This trend focuses on a sizable hit of bright, solid colour and it’s incredibly striking as a glossy shower feature. If you’re unsure whether you can commit to coloured tile in the long-term, start by painting the vanity. 

bold bathroom colour trend
Image: The Rath Project – Modern Oasis Bath

6 / Marvelous Marble

Marble has stolen many homeowner’s hearts over the past few years. Besides bathrooms, we’ve shown it to you in kitchens, in home bars, and on fireplaces. Marble is timeless. It’s not going anywhere, but it’s certainly getting more assertive.

black marble shower
Images (side-by-side): The Rath Project – Modern Oasis Bath

Designers are skipping over delicately-patterned whites to be more adventurous with colour, pattern, and markings. You’ll find the full spectrum of colourful marbles on vanities, countertops, walls, floors, showers, and, in the most audacious way: on all of the above. 

pink marble walk-in shower
Source: Athena Calderone – Eye Swoon

The showier the veining, the better, in large slabs with ‘book-matching’ as a luxury statement. Quartz companies are wisely jumping in here with new products that mimic a full slab of stone but are, of course, more cost effective in fabrication and installation. Tile companies are also on board, with large-format tiles that achieve a similar look.


7 / Elevated Vanities

Lively vanities are appearing on the bathroom scene in many fresh ways: Vintage furniture repurposed for the bathroom, minimalist floating vanities with touch-latches or finger pulls, and the best for last (in our humble opinion): fluted or slatted wood.

slatted floating vanity with black stone
Image: Amber Interiors – Client Bu, Round 2


8 / Tubs Take Over

Immensely popular for good reason, a luxurious deep freestanding bathtub marks the ultimate in bathroom relaxation. Lately homeowners are embracing bolder styles with unusual shapes, colours, or materials. 

round soaker tub bathroom
Source: Jake Arnold for Sophia Bush

True, the above scene is aspirational – straight out of a luxury hotel, in a celebrity’s home – it’s rare to be blessed with enough bathroom real estate to create a freestanding bath oasis. The trending alternative is to place the tub in a walk-in shower, creating a wet room. 

wet room with bathtub and shower trend
Source: Andrea West Design

There are several other bold bathroom trends that we’re keeping our eye on. Only time will tell if they stick around!

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Feature photo: Bathroom by Journey + Jacobs via Domino