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Has anyone ever come into your work place and said, “NICE WALLPAPER” or “ARE YOU STILL STUCK IN THE 80’S?”. Are you embarrassed to have clients come through your work place? Well, its time to update and renovate. Everyone automatically thinks they can’t afford to do renovations, but there are ways to update and renovate your office space without having to spend the big bucks.

Take a look at our office renovations featured in our gallery. All those walls were covered in a dated, flowered wall paper. First, we updated the walls with 1/4 inch 4×8 sheets of MDF (medium density fiberboard). Next, we put some flat stock mouldings, dressed it up with some overlap crown, used a spray paint finish so you get that smooth surface look.

Now your outdated office space looks like the Shangri-la Vancouver, without having to spend the big dollars!