living room by Nate Berkus
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If you watched the Oprah Winfrey Show in its prime then you are likely familiar with our latest featured designer, Nate Berkus. Born in Orange County, the American interior designer, author and television personality has taken the design world by storm since he opened is popular Chicago based design firm Nate Berkus Associates. His most recent project is a tv show with his husband, Nate & Jeremiah by Design, highlighting their balance between being design experts and Dads to two adorable children, Poppy and Oskar.

We’ve been obsessed with Nate’s design talent for many years so we are excited to feature him in today’s blog post. We believe he should be on everyone’s list of designers to follow for inspiration. And here’s why:


1. Approachable Appeal

Ever walk by that high end design store, salivating over all the beauty but yet feel like you’re not worthy to step inside? That’s NOT how Nate’s designs will make you feel. They are inviting and inclusive without losing integrity. A true skill.


2. Elevated Design

There is careful thought and attention to every detail when it comes to a design concept completed by Nate Berkus. The hard work and intention brought to each project is hidden through effortless and genious design choices. And believe us, this isn’t easy!

3. Livable Spaces

This is always a huge factor for us when choosing Designers We Love. We appreciate professionals who take the client and their lifestyle into consideration and incorporate it into the design. At the end of the day, the home is meant to be lived in, and we feel that Nate Berkus absolutely achieves this.


“My job as a designer is being able to tell my client’s stories through the things they choose for their home What they’ve seen, who they’ve loved and where they hope to go next.” – Nate Berkus

4. Layered Looks, On Point.

Only Nate and his team can put a jute carpet and faux fur stool with brass light fixtures, wooden accents and modern chairs–and make it look insanely good. Layering different textures and materials is a signature touch he adds to most of his designs.


5. Antique meets Modern

When blending objects that tell a story with architecturally beautiful pieces, you get a look that appeases a broader audience. One of the keys to Nate Berkus’ success is being able to blend these two opposites so effortlessly. It’s truly inspiring.

A few more of our favourites from Nate Berkus: