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We officially said hello to Fall on the 21st of September, but we’ve been unofficially welcoming it for the past few weeks. We’ve been exploring the latest trends , getting back into routines and making the most of these rain-less days. Today, we want help you extend your patio season and make the most of this time of year. There is a difference between a Summer and Fall patio and with these #NoveroTips, there should be no reason you can’t be enjoying the outdoors a little bit longer.

Here we go:

Let there be Light

The days are slowly getting darker each and every day. Outdoor lighting is key to create a cozy Fall patio vibe.


PYOB – Provide Your Own Blankets

Keep your guests warm with a basket of cozy throw blankets. Its amazing the difference it makes (and looks nice too).


Get Fired Up

If you’re able to, invest in a outdoor gas fire pit to keep toasty during the Fall evenings. Oh, and don’t forget the Smores either!


Use Texture

You can evoke the feeling of warmth using texture to your advantage. Things like faux furs and woven fabrics will bring the cozy factor and help you extend your patio season.


The Next Best Thing

If a gas fire pit is not in your foreseeable future, then a bunch of candles will do. Get a variety of sizes to mimic the flames of a true fire.


Fall is Best Served Warm

A simple solution to keep warm outside starts in your belly. Ingredients for warm beverages like Hot Apple Cider, Tea, Hot Cocoa or Specialty Coffees should be stocked up this Fall.


Set the Tone

Sight is a sense that can’t be beat. Warm up your patio with all the Fall tones–oranges, reds, forest greens, etc.


Find Shelter

This one is dedicated to all the Vancouverites. Find or create a space with cover so you can still enjoy on rainy days.


Pop Up Patio

Who says your patio season has to be restricted to your home? Pack the car with some pillows + blankets and go find your own little slice of heaven.