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We’re a week into December and you can feel the holiday spirit in the air, but nothing makes it more official than seeing all the beautifully lit homes throughout the neighbourhood. Now, we know that untangling those lights & replacing burnt out bulbs can be a daunting task (especially in these temperatures), but it seems like less and less people are putting forth the effort these days. We understand your lives are busy, so we’ve put together a few Holiday lighting ideas for your home this season and where to buy. Makes it just a little easier for you.

Skip the bulbs

holiday lighting ideas for your home

Does the thought of stringing lights make you feel sick to your stomach? Than maybe this option is for you. Nothing is easier than setting up a projector to cast a festive scene onto your home. Not entirely common, you can be the talk of the block with this visual set up. Choose between LED or laser lighting and get your Christmas lighting done in the blink of an eye.

Shop projection lighting at Canadian Tire here.


Something Different

holiday lighting ideas for your home

Feeling bored with your Christmas lighting? If you haven’t changed it in years, maybe it’s time to switch it up? There’s many unique lighting options available today, and lots that can cross-over between Christmas and regular every day lighting. If you’re smart about it, you can get the best bang for your buck by buying something non-traditional that can be used all year long.

Like these outdoor chandeliers we found on

Strip it

Another time saving option is LED strip lighting. You can buy this lighting by the roll and have your whole home lit in a matter of hours. It’s discreet by day and bold by night. The key is to buy the strips that give the illusion of individual bulbs, rather than the linear ones that resemble commercial lighting. You still want this look to be festive and not boring.

We like the looks of these ones. 

Raise the Roof

Holiday lighting ideas for your home

If it’s lack of creativity that you’re missing, we think you will like this option. Think of your roof as a blank canvas, and you are the artist. This is a massive piece of under-used real estate when it comes to holiday lighting. Write a holiday greeting, string rows of lights or go abstract and see what you come up with. Just make sure you’ve got a partner on the ground making sure things look A-OK. There’d be nothing worse than climbing down and realizing your masterpiece isn’t as you thought it would be.


Go Green

This might be one of our favourite holiday lighting ideas for the home this season. Being in the PNW (Pacific North West), we’re surrounded by lush forests to inspire us. We love how this simple, idea can make your outdoor space feel rustic, yet elegant. Imagine this along your front porch or draping your back deck. This idea may not be for an entire house but rather a small space where people gather.

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