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Halloween traditions are not to be messed with, but who says you can’t carry your modern style into your haunting decor this season? We’ve scoured Pinterest to create a list of our favourite modern Halloween decorating ideas, just in time for the weekend.

Modern Halloween Decorating Ideas

1. Painted Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins is tradition, but a messy tradition nonetheless. Pumpkin painting is equally fun plus, you can tailor your pumpkin to whatever colour scheme you choose.

2. Halloween Wreaths

This is one of our favourite modern Halloween decorating ideas because its creative, and can be as intricate and simple as you’d like. Plus, you can really work in the spook factor for your front porch without ruining your curb appeal!

3. Black and White

Sometimes its just as simple as sticking with these 2 common shades. Spruce up your mantle with simple black and white frames and painted mini pumpkins to welcome the spooky season.


4. Halloween Trees

These spooky, yet elegant looking branches turn into a modern Halloween decorating idea for your doorstep. A perfect place for ravens and bats alike to reside. Simple and spooky at the same time.


5. Word Play

Halloween decor can be as simple as injecting the common vocabulary into your decor. Find your favourite Halloween related words and frame them, paint them or stamp them on everyday household items.

6. Think Outside The Box

Break all traditions by creating your very own Halloween colour scheme, regardless of what tradition tells you. Because, you can!


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Happy Halloween from the Novero Team!