In: More About NOVERO

We’re excited to announce our new name, NOVERO Homes and Renovations. There is no change in ownership, management or staff. Our clients can expect to receive the same services, along with the highest levels of workmanship, communication and integrity that they have received in the past.

Everything remains the same, except for the name.

Why the Change?
In 2016, we decided to rebrand from DiMeglio Construction Ltd. (also known as DMC). We settled upon DINOVO Homes and Renovations. Despite receiving the required approvals on this name in late 2016, somehow it was missed in the paperwork that a BC company already existed with a similar name. Since receiving this news, we’ve been working to find another meaningful name to communicate the vision and values of our company, while linking back to our roots.

NOVERO Homes and Renovations was a perfect fit.

In Italian “novero” means “group”, which reflects the growth of our company as well as our collective offering. It’s no coincidence that our company’s heritage is Italian, and we maintain Italian values such as a dedication to craftsmanship. The Latin word “nov” means “new”. This refers to our new beginning, but more importantly, it applies to our modern customer service approach. Many clients remark that our customer service is a refreshing and welcome change from past experience.

What’s Next
As we write this, we’re in the process of rebranding all of our materials, as well as planning a brand-new website to help us start anew.

If you have any questions or comments about the name change, please contact us HERE.