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As of late, we’ve had a many people approaching us with the same questions, so we thought it would be great idea (and resource for any existing/new clients looking to work with us) to put all our answers to Novero’s FAQ in one convenient spot.

We’re always open for conversation so if you have a question that wasn’t answered below, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask!

Novero’s FAQ

Are you still a family operated company?

Yes we are. The business originated from Joele’s father Joe Dimeglio, who Joele trained under for many years learning anything and everything about construction and running a business. The company rebranded to Novero Homes and Renovations in 2017 and is now run by Joele Dimeglio and his wife Suzanne Dimeglio.

Do you do work outside of Vancouver/Lower Mainland?

We primarily focus on the lower mainland however if there was a great project outside of that scope we would certainly entertain it!

Do you do new home construction?

Yes we do. We work on new construction, home renovations and home improvements of many kinds.

How long have you been in business?

Joele, was introduced to the building site at age eight, learning the ropes and eventually apprenticing under his father Guiseppe. Joele worked many years with his father, acquiring his master craftsmanship. In 2010 Joele struck out on his own, building upon what his father had started and shifting the business to be more customer centric.

Are you hiring?

Yes! We are currently looking to add more to our crew. Visit our Careers page for more info.

I want to do a kitchen remodel, how do we start the process?

First, do some research about what style you want for your space–what you need and what would be nice to have. Think about how you live and how you want the space to function for you and your family. Sit down and plan out a budget (very important!) and then email and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction.

We have a small home, do you do smaller projects?

Of course. We handle anything from small bathrooms and kitchens–we do condos as well. No project is too small for our team.

How many people are on your team?

We currently have 12 full time employees and a community of amazing sub-contractors that we’ve established excellent relationships with.

Do you work with interior designers?

Yes. We have a full time interior designer on staff, however some clients prefer their own and we love working with them as well!

Have a question you’d like to ask? Don’t hesitate to reach out!