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Some of our most successful projects are produced when clients come prepared with their design inspirations. Most often, we suggest using some of these free tools to help clients gather various elements of what they like (and don’t like), so our design team can really understand the space they want to achieve. If you aren’t familiar with some of these websites already, here is a brief overview of some of our favorite design tools to help you get started in creating your overall vision.



For many people, Pinterest is a place where you go to get inspiration for anything that you need. That may be a kitchen re-designed, an office space, or perhaps even a garage makeover. For us, it is a place where we find tons of inspiration for different types of projects and for clients with unique aesthetics. We source everything from kitchen island inspirations to various types of lighting. Pinterest is one of our most used inspiration sites and easily used by so many. If you want to take a look at some of our favourite designs and styles have a look here at:



Houzz is a great platform to work on as it specializes in home renovations and design – it focuses on connecting people who are looking to renovate or build with useful tools and resources. There are plenty of photos, ideabooks, links, advice articles and direct links to industry professionals to access. Want to see our Houzz page? Click here: – and feel free to leave us a comment or review!


If you are not already familiar with this popular app, Instagram is a simple way to browse a series of photos and inspiration from. This is a great way to see what other designers and builders have done in the past, review their overall aesthetic and an easy way to find specific details on what you like and don’t like with other people’s projects. Our in-house designer loves to pull inspiration easily from this app and save photos within the app to review for our meetings. We love sharing our inspirations on the NOVERO page as well as sharing other inspirations from industry designers and builders. So many great ideas to review.


Here are a couple bloggers/inspo Instagram accounts that we keep an eye on!








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Our website shares many of the projects we have completed in the past. We have a wide range of projects featured on our website, from kitchen to bathroom renovations, custom builds to commercial projects. We encourage our clients to take a look online at our project gallery and see what they like so we can discuss how we can customize their space for them by pulling from previous design elements we have completed.


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