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We’re well into April, and with that comes the spring cleaning itch. Home organization is a hot topic around this time of year because we feel the need to refresh after the cold winter months. And since most of us binge watched Tidying Up the month of January, we’re getting rid of anything that doesn’t spark joy in our lives.

Which leads us to our these favourite Home Organization Ideas for each room of the house:

The Entryway

The entryway is the first impression any guest will get of your home. Which makes it most important to keep tidy. Seeing as most entryways have limited space, getting creative is imperative. We love this space saving idea of a built in dresser in the front hall. Something we can definitely achieve when building your custom home.


The Kitchen

We can’t seem to get through a blog post these days without talking about custom cabinetry. The joy of building a custom kitchen, is getting to cater everything to your precise needs. A home chef would love this hidden cutting board/organics bin for easy clean up when cooking meals, leaving the counter space clean and tidy and the stress levels low!


The Pantry

There’s no better pantry organization hack than baskets and clear containers. Clear means easy to see (and less labelling), because you can see your inventory at first glance. Baskets of all types help bundle like minded ingredients together to make things simple to find.


The Bathroom

The bathroom can get real messy, real quick. With a lot of small objects, custom drawer inserts can make your life a lot easier.


The Closet

Hanging your clothing in sections of length and size, using uniform hangers (no more mismatched plastic) and even color blocking your closet can add some serious zen to your getting dressed routine. We also can’t stress the impact that a custom closet makes, even to the smallest spaces.


The Office

The home office can be a bit of a challenge, especially when you’re unable to dedicate an entire room to your work space. Going vertical and using  the wall is the best way to maximize your space and stay organized. We love this customization idea using a copper grate and hook hack to keep things off the desk and easy to access.


The Playroom

We think most busy parents can attest that baskets are the key to success in a playroom. There’s no pretty way to organize toys of all shapes, colors and sizes, so having baskets galore can instantly make a space feel clean (even though it may be chaos inside) — no one needs to know ;).


The Laundry Room

Doesn’t it seem that nowadays nothing can be put in the dryer? Hanging clothes to dry can be a real nuisance (and take up a lot of space). We love this space saving idea of retractable ladders for hanging those particular items.


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