North Shore Modern Remodel


  • Category: Bathrooms, Kitchens, Renovations
  • Construction Date: 2021
  • Location: Coquitlam

Our clients, empty nesters who relocated to North Vancouver, sought to update the interior of their 90s-era house to suit their tastes. Seasoned travellers with a love of European modern design, they chose to update the kitchen, family room, living room, two bathrooms, stairs, front door, and flooring throughout most of the home. The NOVERO team worked with the client to create a modern interior characterized by a clean, uncluttered look emphasizing simplicity and functionality. Straight lines and geometric shapes are evident from the moment you enter the home, with the sleek linear pendant light and L-shaped staircase. Architectural elements, fixtures, and decor throughout the home have well-defined angles, contributing to its streamlined appearance.

A neutral colour palette of white, black, oak, and nickel, provides further cohesiveness and creates a calming, timeless backdrop. A bold accent colour of turquoise creates visual interest and personalizes the space. The turquoise starts at the front door and is incorporated in select spots throughout the home such as tiles, a bathroom vanity, furniture, and decor. We love how this accent colour (Benjamin Moore Galapagos Turquoise) worked as a painted glass backsplash—popular in Europe, glass sheet backsplash is easy to clean and reflects light well. Another project highlight is the focus on functionality in the kitchen: despite its size, we created a place for everything through integrated shelf pull-outs, ‘magic corner’ ergonomic storage, two appliance garages, a breakfast bar, and a four-seat dining island.

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