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Old copper water pipes running through the walls of your home can form tiny pinhole leaks. Water then drips, soaking the insulation, creating a breeding ground for mold. These leaks can cause corrosion and major drywall damage.

Copper is a very low-cost material so a majority of homes were built with copper plumbing throughout. Not all copper pipes experience corrosion, however it’s best to take proper precaution to avoid potential mold and mildew buildup. Pitting corrosion is difficult for a homeowner to identify before it becomes a big problem. It often results in expensive repairs.

If you’re thinking of a possible renovation, be sure to check your pipes. If they happen to be copper, consider replacing them with a more sustainable material like PEX piping.

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Copper Pipe Corrosion

Copper Pipe corrosion


PEX Pipes

Pex Pipe