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Renovation Tip: Protecting your basement floors is a bigger issue than most people would think.

If you’re renovating your basement, you’re most likely doing it for protection, comfort, and peace of mind but there are a number of factors to consider when doing full renovations. 98% of basements will come across moisture problems that need attention before getting out of hand. DRIcore®, a subfloor with a patented moisture barrier, is the necessary step to covering all the bases when it comes to protecting your basement from moisture damage. It is a quick and simple solution that insulates your basement while protecting flooring, furniture, and valuable electronics from potential damage. DRIcore® promotes indoor air quality by allowing the concrete below to breath, reducing the likeliness of mould and mildew growth. This subfloor is perfect for carpet, laminate, vinyl, tile, and engineered hardwood.

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Renovation Tip: Protecting your basement floors

Protecting Your Basement Floors



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