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Kitchens tend to demand the most attention in home design, rightly so as they’re the hub and heart of the home, and a great deal of time is spent there. However, despite also spending a lot of time doing laundry or cleaning tasks, the laundry room tends to get ignored.

Laundry rooms tend to be treated like large closets for a washer and dryer and little room to work and move about. Making this area of the home a priority not only creates an extremely efficient work space, but also reduces stress by making the storage, layout, and design work for you. We like to think of laundry rooms as utility rooms—an incredibly useful part of the house!

Here are seven things to consider when upgrading your laundry room:

elevated washer and dryer in laundry
Source: Miele

1 / Elevate Your Washer and Dryer

Front loading washers and dryers are more popular than top-loading units for good reason: higher energy efficiency and space capacity. But most front-loading machines tend to be quite low to the ground resulting in you having to kneel or crouch to load or unload clothes. Generally, a comfortable height for a washer or dryer is 30 to 39″. Design and build a cabinetry base to raise the front loading machines to a comfortable height for loading and unloading. You can then fit a typical laundry basket below the drum to easily catch clothes from the dryer.  Or, choose a pedestal unit that comes with a storage drawer.


folding table in laundry room
Source: Kate Marker Interiors

2 / Get a Lower Folding Table/Island

Most countertops are a standard 36″ high, making them comfortable for the average person. However, folding laundry requires different body movement than most activities done at your standard countertop. Twisting, bending, and leaning over to fold laundered items can take a toll on your body—having a flat surface at a lower height than standard will help alleviate some stress from your back and shoulders. As we all vary in shape and size, take note what height is most comfortable for you.


laundry room Port Moody
Source: NOVERO Homes

3 / Customize Cabinetry & Shelving

Embrace this concept, it’ll make your life quicker and easier. Go floor-to-ceiling with cabinetry if possible as extra storage in a home is always welcome, from organizing cleaning and pet supplies to tucking away seasonal decor. The most comfortable shelf height for frequently used items is around 62″ in a standing position. Place the least-used items in out-of-reach shelves and use a step stool for access. Consider open shelving for quick access to items and where cabinet doors might limit your space.


laundry room with deep sink
Source: Marea Clark Interiors

4 / Install a Deep Sink With the Right Faucet

Opt for a deep basin or utility sink that provides ample space for soaking and handwashing, making laundry tasks more manageable. A deep sink easily accommodate larger items such as bedding, or muddy items like boots and gardening tools. The majority of standard sinks range from 8 to 10″ in depth. A deeper 12″+ bowl depth  minimizes splashing and spilling. Make sure when installing a deep sink, that it’s elevated to avoid having to bend or hunch over. Stainless steel sinks are a popular choice for laundry rooms due to their durability, longevity and low maintenance requirements.

Depending on what your needs are in the laundry room, a pull-out or pull-out faucet can be really useful. It features a retractable spray head that can be easily maneuvered—ideal for filling buckets, rinsing bulky items, and cleaning the sink and surrounding area.


Ironing Board

5 / Think About Where You’ll Be Ironing

You might notice how many older homes have recessed ironing boards installed right into the wall or cupboard. It’s a mystery why they ever went out of style because they are so handy! Having your ironing board as part of a wall mounted system eliminates dragging it out of the closet to set it up plus the tipsiness and cord battle that come with it. If you’re in the planning stages for a laundry room renovation, you can easily incorporate a system like this that will allow more space to store your iron, small shelving, or even a hanger.

If you don’t have the wall space required for a wall mounted ironing system, consider one that is drawer recessed. The Ironfix board by Hafele can fit into a 24″ wide x 14″ deep space and can rotate 180 degrees when extended. The only downside with this unit is that the drawer needs to be near an outlet and you’ll have to be comfortable with the standard height (close to 35′) of the ironing board.


steam closet in laundry room
Source: Urban Revival

6 / Splurge on a Steam Closet

Steam closets are becoming a more common request in laundry room remodels. This specialized storage unit is designed to refresh and de-wrinkle clothing using steam, functioning like an at-home dry cleaning machine. Conveniently installed alongside your washing machine and dryer, these units offer a quick, efficient solution for revitalizing clothing. Steam closets also provide a convenient and eco-friendly garment care option by reducing the need to wash or dry clean. Sign us up!


pull-out drying rack in laundry room
Source: NOVERO Homes

7 / Add a Drying Rack

It might seem like a basic but installing a drying rack or two is an important feature in a laundry room. There are several different approaches, from a simple bar for hangers to a large wooden pull-down rack. We love hidden racks which can be built into the cabinetry (see above). If your family has seasonal or sports gear that regularly needs drying consider additional custom options, like a shoe dryer or hooks.

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