lovely laundry room with tile and wood
While the laundry room may not be the most glamorous part of our homes, it shouldn’t be dull and uninviting either—after all, we spend a good chunk of our time there. With a few design upgrades, you can transform your laundry room into a stylish and functional area that will make any time spent washing and folding much more enjoyable.

When you go through the list of spaces you want to improve in the home, the laundry room usually is the lowest priority. Typically, it’s not a space that’s elevated by beautiful millwork, pretty paint colours, or show-stopping tile. However, the humble laundry room is having its moment in the spotlight as a design-worthy area of the home. Consider it the new powder room—a place for a clear design approach and for personality to flourish.

If you’re pining for a more appealing laundry room, have a look at these seven upgrade ideas:

styled laundry room by Studio McGee
Source: Studio McGee

1 / Style it Up

The easiest way to prevent a basic laundry room from being a snooze fest – or an all-white one from looking sterile – is to steal a tip from Studio McGee: Include beautiful accessories. Styling the space with thoughtful details not only adds personality, but it also makes it feel welcoming. And some of these attractive details are highly functional, like baskets for folded laundry or canisters for detergent.

laundry room accessories by Studio McGee
Source: Studio McGee

Besides storage containers, their list of laundry accessories includes art, plants or greenery, and rugs. Plants, in particular, do double-duty as mood boosters and air purifiers. Studio McGee is also fond of rolling laundry baskets (seen above)—these may be the answer to making laundry more fun for kids!

pretty pastel laundry room
Source: Olive and Tate

2 / Soft Pastels

Oh, we love a pretty laundry room right now, and it’s usually a soft pastel colour palette that draws us in. The laundry room paint tints currently trending on Pinterest range from baby blues and pale greens to lavenders and a large range of light browns. Just like powder rooms, since the laundry usually encompasses a smaller space, it can benefit from more adventurous design choices to add character and charm.

tile floors in laundry room with pastel cabinetry
Source: Studio McGee

3 / Attractive Tile

In the not-so-distant past, laundry room floors were very utilitarian and – let’s be honest – fairly ugly, consisting either of rough cement, old-style linoleum or whatever tile was the cheapest. Thankfully the tables have turned and tile floors can be the focal point of the room while still staying practical.

tiled laundry room floors and wall
Source: Mindy Gayer

Tile has also moved up to be featured on laundry room walls, usually as a backsplash but in smaller spaces it may be floor to ceiling. Bold patterns, unusual colours, or earthy textures bring loads of style to the space.

laundry room wallpaper
Source: Cathie Hong Interiors

4 / Whimsical Wallpaper

Interior designer Cathie Hong updated this natural light-filled laundry room with warm wood millwork, charcoal hexagonal floor tiles, and an unexpected wallpaper featuring felines. The laundry is the perfect spot to experiment with a playful print on the walls. You’ll enter the room and smile every time.

vintage style laundry room
Source: Jessica Helgerson ID

5 / Vintage Vibes

If you have an older house, consider a transitional or timeless look. A great example is the light-filled laundry above with breezy curtains, vintage rug, and charming heritage-inspired finishes by interior designer Jessica Helgerson. The colour chosen for both walls and cabinetry adds more character and warmth than white would, and keeps the space feeling light.


laundry room with art and green cabinetry
Source: Kate Walker Design

6 / Adorned Walls

Another way to beautify the laundry room is to add art. We’re not suggesting you need to splurge here—it could be a bright poster print, a grouping of fun family photos, or an inspiring phrase (like the feature photo at the top) to help transform what was once the most mundane of tasks. In Kate Walker’s project above, the obvious focal point is the tranquil landscape painting which sets the tone of the room. The green cabinetry wouldn’t look nearly as stunning as it does when paired with this artwork.

Pro tip: When choosing art for a wide wall, go big for impact rather than small.

laundry room lighting by Kate Marker
Source: Kate Marker Interiors

7 / Let There Be Light

Lighting is key to enhancing the laundry room’s ambiance. Bright, well-lit spaces can make any chore more enjoyable. Install functional lighting like task lights or overhead lights to reduce shadows and create a brighter environment in your laundry space. Embrace natural light with window treatments that let in plenty of sunlight and add charm, like the cafe curtains in Kate Marker Interiors’ design above.

laundry room traditional style
Source: Jessica Helgerson ID

In another laundry design project that we possibly cannot ignore, Jessica Helgerson beautifully handles lighting and deftly includes plenty of vintage vibes. We love the finishing touches like the wood drying rack, the eye-catching wall sconce, and the antique-looking painting. Additionally, by choosing no window coverings and a glass panel exterior door she has ensured even more gorgeous light in the room.

As you can see, with just one or two beautiful changes, you can turn your boring laundry room into a room you’ll want to spend time in! Contact NOVERO Homes for help with your laundry room upgrade design and renovation.


Feature image credit: Brasstacks Design & Build via Fireclay Tile