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If you’re a home design addict like we are, then you’ve probably scoured all of Pinterest and Houzz for the latest home design trends. We’ve compiled our 5 favourite trends we’ve noticed make a come back for 2014/2015. All of these are incredibly easy to implement for that revamping your home is begging for!

Black Is The New…

A huge trend in the past year has been grey, grey, grey. This year, we notice people taking their spaces to a more modern level with black. This shade does wonders for your statement pieces and crisp white fixtures in a kitchen or bathroom.

Design Trends Design Trends

Glam Backspalshes!

Simple kitchen layouts are still the way to go however, choosing a backsplash with a little more glitz can really vamp up your space. Stainless steel, glass tile, and stone slab backsplashes look sleek and are very easy to clean.

Design Trends Design Trends

Wood is Good!

We’ve all seen wood on walls before… circa 1970. But we’re not talking about that tacky wood paneling you’ve probably spent so much money removing from your home. We’re talking about adding a natural aesthetic with an updated take on a vintage trend. Using this for an accent wall will add that rustic country side feel to your modern space.

Design Trends

Above: This beautiful wood wall was done by our good friend Jordan Macnab from The Macnabs in his own loft office in Vancouver


Chic Dining Nooks!

This is a great way to save space if you can’t really fit a full size dining table into your space. Even in addition to your formal dining room, a nook is a great place for breakfasts or afternoon tea.

Design Trends


Bold Fixtures!

Having a unique fixture that makes a statement but is still cohesive with the rest of the room is a great way to make your space pop! A chic statement piece such as a decretive hood fan, plumbing or lighting fixture will make a beautiful focal point without being too in your face.

Design Trends

Change is good!

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