gorgeous entryway by Romanek Design Studio

Have you ever found yourself poking through Pinterest, the ‘Gram, or your favourite online interiors magazine, and suddenly you’ve been stopped in your tracks by the most gorgeous entryway?

All the time over here. If you haven’t experienced this phenomena yet, we’ve picked some gems for you.

The most perfectly designed space usually benefits from the professional eye of an interior designer: the entryway is at once is well appointed, perfectly proportioned, artfully layered, while working in clever organization and seating solutions. (Is seating necessary? Only if you can’t undo your wet boots while balancing on one leg, or you don’t wear slip-on runners on the daily.)

grand entryway with oversized pendant lighting
Source: Alexander Design via My Domaine

But after you examine many images of attractive entryways, you may realize that creating an attractive entryway that’s both functional and reflective of your style isn’t hard to do. It involves paying attention to a few basic elements, then adding your own twist.

Let’s take a look at some of the gorgeous entryways that we’ve spotted recently and zero in on why they rock our worlds so much.

High-Impact Lighting

gorgeous entryway with pendant lighting and dark door
Source: M. Lahr Homes

Dramatic lighting makes complete sense for a grand entry—do we really need to be sold on the need for making an impression here? While recent years have seen oversized pendants on the major upswing, chandeliers still have their place in a fabulous foyer.

gorgeous entryway with modern chandelier
Source: Amber Interiors – Client Bu

Even smaller entryways shine with a visually powerful pendant, especially when framed by ceiling millwork. This really sets the tone for the home.

simple modern glam entryway
Source: Kate Marker Interiors

Super-sized Mirror

entrway with oversized mirror and console
Source: RH Designs for Kerry Washington via Architectural Digest

This is a VERY popular trend for good reasons. It makes a major statement (like an impressive piece of art) while being functional: you can check yourself before walking out the door, and the mirror increases the light in the space if positioned near a window.

entryway iwth oversized round mirror and console
Source: Public 311 Design

There’s no getting around what mirror shape is currently a favourite. However, oversized rectangular mirrors are making another strong cause for reflection (see Chris Loves Julia below and Amber Interiors below that).

entryway with oversized mirro and credenza
Source: Chris Loves Julia

In entryway above – which the designer Julia calls a “less is more” approach – she chose a full-sized mirror to play to the ceiling height and to bounce light around. The statement-piece credenza holds loads of storage along with the oversized vase just makes sense given the scale of everything else.

Console, Cabinet or Credenza

entryway with two mirrors and credenza
Source: Amber Interiors via MyDomaine

Placing this piece of furniture by the door checks the functional-and-stylish box. It provides hidden storage, creates a surface to capture keys and mail, and begs to be decorated with a few things that provide a sneak peek into the home’s personality.

entryway with pop of colour
Source: Anne Chessin Designs via New York Times

Some consoles provide small drawers, but more often than not, you’ll spot a stylish basket or two underneath or beside the console to corral shoes and accessories.

entry console styling by Studio McGee
Source: Studio McGee

Baskets are a favourite trick employed by Studio McGee. Check out their post, “How to Style Your Entryway Console” for a helpful how-to post on styling a entryway console, and for oodles of client entryway photos.

Have a Seat

entry with wood bench by Chris Loves Julia
Source: Chris Loves Julia

We already covered off why seating at the door is important (hello shoe removal). And a welcoming bench can be a charming addition to an entry. Adding a pillow or two also makes it a comfortable place to pause.

entryway with bench and art
Source: Hilary Farr/HGTV

If you’re limited in space, a stool or small ottoman takes up little real estate and can be tucked away. These tidy seats come in a multitude of styles, colours, patterns, and textures.

neutral entryway with stools
Source: Kate Lester Interiors

Small & Focussed

small entryway with big style
Source: Kate Marker Interiors

Not all of us benefit from cathedral ceilings, ample natural light, and sweeping spaciousness. So while we have several of these stunners thrown in here to admire, we’ve also found examples of gorgeous entryways in tighter spaces.

entryway by Becki Owens
Source: Becki Owens, Summit Creek Project

These spots are snug but focussed in purpose. In her blog, Designer Becki Owens notes that even the smallest entryway requires “a few key pieces”—namely, a petite seat, an eye-catching feature on the wall (or floor), greenery, and a place to organize belongings.

But what if your entryway is too narrow for seating, let alone greenery?

narrow entryway style
Source: Chrissy McDonald via The Everygirl

We think this is a simply beautiful small entry. Designer Chrissy McDonald of Harlowe James uses a vintage rug for warmth and instant personality, paints the door in a colour that hints at the blue in the adjacent room, includes a mirror to reflect light, and lines up hooks to keep bags away from feet.


small gorgeous entryway in clean modern design
Source: RTG Designs

This narrow entry by RTG Designs is a personal favourite. From the striking pendant right down to the dark herringbone tile floors, we love every element—especially that smart floating shelf.

Bold, Bolder & Boldest

gorgeous entryway by Ali Budd
Source: Ali Budd Interiors

When the rest of your home goes big in style, your entryway needs to reflect that in a big way. Or, rather, several big ways. Amp up the WOW factor to get guests started on the right foot.

entry with personality and colour by the Rath Project
Source: The Rath Project

This entry by Diane Rath has what she calls a “bit of drama” and so much bold for us to talk about, from the green scalloped wallpaper and glossy marble checkerboard floors, to the saucy artwork and the retro starburst pendant. Who knew that red and green could look so happy together outside of Christmas? And that’s just one side of the room.

entry with bold colour
Source: The Rath Project

Seating on one side, console table with oversized mirror on the other (storage is in the wall behind us). Wallpaper and paint are easy ways to experiment with boldness. Rath used removable wallpaper so her clients could change up the look when they became tired of it.

neutral bold entryway
Source: Tamara Magel

While not as daring in terms of colour and pattern, we love this neutral home’s arresting entryway. Above the substantial console, the artwork is perfectly showy in scale and framed by unique black sconces.

Ready to create your own beautiful first impression? Contact us if you’d like to remodel your home’s entryway. Our design team would love to help!


Feature image credit: Romanek Design Studio – Laurel Canyon project