brass lighting trends
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At the start of the new year, we’re hopping on board the trend-spotting train to see what interior lighting styles will be shining bright. Lighting is one of the most fundamental elements in any design—it’s also one of the easiest elements to update when a room is in need of a refresh, so let’s go!

The right fixture can add so much personality and character to a space. In fact, the lighting choice has the ability to completely transform the room from ho-hum to knocking your socks off.

Below we’ve rounded up a range of bright styles for hard-wired lighting fixtures like pendants, chandeliers, flush mounts, and sconces.

woven pendant lighting trend
Source: Lindye Galloway

Common Threads

The best way to summarize lighting right now: bold statements. This affects shape, texture, and especially scale. In pendant lighting, especially, bigger is better.

brass sconce lighting trend
Source: Dominique Gebru via Mitzi Lighting

One of the biggest trends to continue into 2022 is earthy, warmer, and organic colors in interiors. We’re finally tired of cold white and grey, and are choosing more toasty hues like amber, terracotta, and wheat to warm things up.

oversized pendant lighting trend
Source: Kate Marker Interiors

Materials are also plucked from the outdoor environment. Think of organic elements like brass, wood, plaster, and natural fibres. There’s also a focus on craftsmanship and originality: People are craving individuality in their homes through unique decor finds.

statement lighting trends
Source: Le Clair Home

1 / Oversized & Striking

Lighting as the centre of attention is one of the biggest trends at the moment. This makes perfect sense in response to open floor plans and higher ceilings needing a design focal point—and dramatic pendants are the answer!

clustered pendants lighting trend
Source: Sophie Burke Design

Besides increased scale (remember, bigger is better here), there’s a shift to more sculptural, artistic lighting with the mixed materials and clustering similar shapes.

sculptural chandelier trend
Source: Leclair Decor

2 / Sculptural Chandeliers

Not ones to ever miss out on the action, dramatic chandeliers are taking pride of place above dining tables and in entry ways.

modern chandelier lighting trend
Source: Nam Dang Mitchell Design

But these fixtures no longer look like a traditional fussy chandelier. These chandeliers are modern, bold designs featuring sculptural shapes and interesting elements. They serve to make a style statement—like a piece of art—even when not illuminated.

art deco lighting trend
Source: Chris Loves Julia

For chandeliers with more allure, look for glam Art Deco-inspired designs from the 1920s and 30s. These gorgeous tiered chandeliers feature bold geometry and elegant materials to evoke the era’s luxurious sense of style.

woven shade pendant
Source: Bone Made

3 / Woven Shades

The enthusiasm for organically-made shades is everywhere at the moment. It’s not surprising: in an ever-changing crazy world, these earthy textures bring a comforting, homey feel to all styles of spaces.

rattan light shade trend
Source: Pure Salt Interiors

You may recall that basket pendants dropped onto the scene (along with the ubiquitous SINNERLIG bamboo tiered pendant from IKEA) several years ago. Now natural fibres have advanced to softening sconces and flush mounts, and many are decidedly non-basket looking.

basket shade lighting trend
Source: Pure Salt Interiors

Beyond wicker, keep an eye on organic materials like seagrass, cane, rope, and leather. We love how woven shades can bring in a more coastal-casual sense to a room. It’s a nice fix for a space that’s feeling a little too modern or traditional.

woven oversized pendant trend
Source: Transition State

Weaves that are open create a patterned diffusion of light that softens a room at night. Holes and gaps produce a pretty dappled glow as the perfect ambient light in bedrooms.

conical lighting trend
Source: Rehabitat Interiors

4 / Conical

This shape has been going strong for some time in pendants but just like the woven trend, we’re now seeing it across all types of lighting, from floor lamps to flush mounts.

cone pendant lighting trends
Source: Reena Sotropa

Fresh finishes and materials for cone-shaped shades include glass with brass, white (or neutral colours) with gold leaf interiors, pleating, and plaster. In summary, think elegant and warm.

oversized cone pendant trend
Source: Kate Marker Interiors

Large cone pendants (14-18” diameter) have taken over from mini cones (7”). Also notable are retro-inspired double cones; cones in metal cages or frames; and flattened cones that look like sedge or rice paddy hats.

linear pendant lighting trend
Source: Studio McGee

5 / Linear

Straight lines and simplified silhouettes replace ornamentation. This elemental look is a refreshing change with its focus on functionality.

linear lighting trend
Source: Raili CA Design

It’s a minimalist style that works well in both airy, uncluttered ultra-contemporary and transitional spaces.

globe pendant lighting trend
Source: Mitzi Lighting

6 / Globes & Domes

Globes—mostly clear and milky white—continue to be popular. Look for them in clusters as dramatic chandeliers, a simple single pendant, or a straightforward statement sconce.

globe sconces lighting trend
Source: Jean Stoffer Interiors

Pendants and flush mounts with spheres in bowls (again, they look like hats) are also trending. We’re loving the look of oversized domes in a range of textural materials like hammered bronze and rough-hewn plaster.

dome pendant lighting tremd
Source: Lindye Galloway


oversized vintage lantern pendants
Source: Rehabitat

7 / Vintage Vibe: Lanterns

What’s old is new again. While we’re still seeing contemporary takes on historical styles (like above), it’s the sourcing of truly vintage lanterns brimming with patina and beautiful detail that’s become popular in the interior design world.

caged pendant lighting trend
Source: Katie LeClerq

Vintage provides a one-of-a-kind look—and aged or antiqued brass bestows your space with a richly historic yet homey and feel. What’s ‘new’ now is the scale and draw to more geometric designs like the caged lantern above.

vintage langern lighting trend
Source: Amber Interiors

Vintage lanterns may appear traditional on their own, but they’re very easy to mix with other styles. Some will imbue your space with a rustic farmhouse feel, while others are more vintage-industrial. They may even feel a little bit nautical like in the nook above.

stylish sconces lighting trend
Source: Amber Interiors

8 / Stylish Sconces Everywhere

Instead of depending on a light source in the middle of the ceiling, designers are creatively targeting their lighting solutions with sconces in every room of the house.

bronze sconce kitchen lighting
Source: Becki Owens

Softer, ambient sconce lighting is being used to highlight curated collections on shelves and provide additional illumination on walls. In fact, it’s become a fixture (yes, pun intended) in kitchen design.

lantern sconces lighting trend
Source: Emily Henderson

We’ve noticed that sconces have become incredibly stylish, reflecting all of the same trends as ceiling lights.

sculptural sconce lighting
Source: Jaclyn Peters

In bathrooms, scones are still going strong, but they’ve become more artful and daring, incorporating unique shapes, textures, and materials.

Our biggest piece of design advice when it comes to lighting? Don’t be afraid to splurge. Save your budget for a statement-making fixture that you absolutely love. Contact us for help in updating the lighting in your home.