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In our long list of interior designers that we LOVE to follow on Instagram for inspiration is Lindye Galloway. In the handful of years that we’ve been watching this Southern Californian’s work, she has undeniably come into her own as an in-demand designer with a versatile and stunning contemporary style.


Lindye Galloway interior designer kitchen
Source: Lindye Galloway – Earthy Eclectic (2021)


Remarkably, Lindy Galloway only started her business in 2015 with their new house needing a remodel, a three-week old baby to care for, and no professional training. She had come from a creative background and was exposed to the construction business through her father. Galloway’s eye for design and talent for styling spaces was evident from the get-go, immediately securing her first design client after posting her remodeled home on social media.


Lindye Galloway interior design bathroom
Source: Lindye Galloway – Larkspur Avenue (2017)


One of her earlier projects is above, showcasing several of her stylistic signatures such as mixing metals (she adores “the way that they play off of eachother”), eye-catching lighting fixtures, and “wow factor” finishing details.


Lindye Galloway interior design bedroom
Source: Lindy Galloway – Earthy Eclectic (2021)


Now known for her sophisticated take on California coastal style, Lindye Galloway Design Studio brings a tailored look to the laid-back lifestyle that the West Coast has become known for.


Lindye Galloway interior design
Source: Lindye Galloway – Nestled in Nashville (2021)


She describes her style as “modern, fresh, and approachable” and acknowledges that she really likes to take risks and “push boundaries”. This is one of the things that we love about Galloway: her unique takes on this popular coastal style. She is just ahead of the curve trend-wise, but keeps it real. As a parent of two young kids, she understands the importance of designing and decorating spaces that are truly functional, comfortable, and meant to be lived in.


Lindye Galloway - Larkspur
Source: Lindye Galloway – Larkspur Avenue (2017)

California Coastal Style

Coastal design – which originated on the Atlantic coast decades ago – has gradually evolved into regional variations. Beyond the classic nautical design, there are multiple interpretations of coastal style from elegant Hamptons to bohemian Malibu. (See NOVERO’s take on the Hamptons variation here.)


Lindye Galloway bathroom design
Source: Lindye Galloway – Newport Nordic (2021)


The hallmarks of coastal design are the same across regions:

  • Bright, white, and airy spaces
  • Natural light and sheer window coverings
  • Organic elements often from the seashore
  • Natural fibres and materials like rope, rattan, linen & wood
  • Colour palette from the seaside: blues, white, sand & other neutrals


Lindye Galloway California style
Source: Lindye Galloway – Coastal Cool (2020)


California coastal style applies all of this in a more relaxed, inviting way. Galloway describes it as,

“. . .the perfect juxtaposition between a tailored and relaxed space. . . this style can take on a few different forms and looks, like coastal modern, modern farmhouse or even a little bit boho. But at the end of the day it’s about a home that looks intentional and well curated while also being approachable and inviting.”


Lindye Galloway coastal design style
Source: Lindye Galloway – Nestled in Nashville (2021)


Galloway loves to include inspired-by-nature colour palettes and natural elements like rattan, muted wood tones, leather—with a touch of metal for a chic look. She’s also fond of coastal-based artwork – both abstract and photographic pieces – on the walls.


Lindye Galloway coastal style
Source: Lindye Galloway – Moody Oceanfront (2019) via Rue Daily


In the summer surf home for a larger family (above), she was asked to design a stylish home for entertaining without allowing it to look like a casual beach house. Galloway created a moody, contemporary vibe with deeper contrasting tones and textures.


Lindye Galloway mid-century modern design

Other Modern Style Influences

While her Design Studio tends to be grouped into the California coastal style category, she really takes on a broad range as evidenced by the portfolio, such as Nordic, Mid-Century Modern, Modern Farmhouse, and Spanish Modern —with her personal favourite being Scandinavian (shown below).


Lindye Galloway Scandinavian design
Source: Lindye Galloway Journal


lindye galloway design Jasmine Star home
Source: Lindye Galloway – Jasmin Star (2021) via Domino


In the Jasmin Star project (above) Galloway applied a “soft modern” look which she describes as combining the typical elements of modern design “. . .with soft, earth-like elements. Think clean lines and minimalism meets organic materials and round edges.”


modern farmhouse design Lindye Galloway
Source: Lindye Galloway – Modern Farmhouse (2020)

The Shop & Create Beauty, Give Beauty

In 2020, Lindye and her husband launched The Lindye Galloway Shop for home decor and furnishing. The e-shop features a curated selection of goods in her signature California coastal style as well as furniture designed by Lindye previously featured in her projects.

The couple’s desire to give back to their communities fueled the idea of the Shop. As a result, a portion of sales is donated to their non-profit partner who provides microloans to budding entrepreneurs around the world. Learn more about their initiative Create Beauty. Give Beauty. on their website.

If you’re inspired by the Coastal design style (BC has its own variation!) for your upcoming project, please contact our interior design team.


Feature image source: Lindye Galloway blog