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Dark + moody–not something we’ve seen for a while. When we first read that this was the latest trend for 2019 we weren’t sure… but alas, we’ve found some dark bathrooms that we’d be happy to call our own.

The days of all white everything are coming to an end, and although it will never (ever) go out of style, we’re seeing more people gravitate towards colour in their home. Maybe people are getting braver, maybe apps like Pinterest + Houzz are inspiring us to think outside the box, and just maybe a bold, dark, moody, rich looking bathroom is just what the doctor ordered.

Don’t worry. We also had to be convinced. So we’ve scoured the internet and found some pretty extraordinary dark bathrooms for those looking to see what all the hoopla is about. Please take a gander, and enjoy!


This dark rose bathroom screams drama + romance.


Dark stone details evolve this bathroom into a rustic spa getaway.


By having a dark feature wall, you can get a dose of drama without the commitment.


Love how this dark bathroom gets a little life through some floral wall art.


End of the hall bathrooms are perfect for making a bold visual statement.


A personal favourite, the brass fixtures glow against a sophisticated dark blue/grey.


The back lit mirror casts a light over the textured wall in this moody bathroom.


Forest green pairs beautifully with gold and wooden accents in this dark Ralph Lauren-esque bathroom.


The green and white elements pop against this charcoal black concrete bathroom.


Most noteworthy, a perfect balance of light and dark makes this bathroom stand out.

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