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We’re 29 days into January–time flies! For this week’s blog post, we’ve compiled a list of Home Trends for 2019, based on what we’ve been seeing at our suppliers, in our favourite trade publications and of course, on Pinterest and Instagram. When reading this list, keep in mind that these are simply trends and trend predictions. Style is so personal, and whatever you’re into is completely unique to you. Our main purpose for articles like these, are to expand our horizons and add new ideas to our subconscious inner interior designer–because we all have one!

There are many to choose from, today we will share with you our Top 10 favourites. Use this list as inspiration for you home, and if you’re in the biz and think we missed something truly valuable, please do let us know.

Top 10 Home Trends for 2019


1. Bold Black Bathrooms

Dark, dramatic and absolutely stunning.


2. Curves

Arched doorways and rounded edges for the win.


3. Biophilia

Uniting humankind + nature to create the ultimate paradise.


4. Maximalist Art

Too cluttered? Never.


5. Jewel Tones

Feast your eyes on rich, lush colors this year.


6. Oversized Objects

Bigger is sometimes better! From artwork to furniture to light fixtures.


7. Tuxedo Kitchens

More than just a cute name.


8. Mixed Metals

No more needing to be a slave to the matching game!


9. Designed Ceilings

Because, why stop there?


10. Colourful Curations

Creating your very own colour medley + palette, a look that is truly unique to you.