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This time of year makes us think of all things cozy and in particular, the Rustic Meets Modern trend. Curling up next to the fire after a long work day (especially during Vancouver’s rainy season) sounds like the perfect way to unwind. But what makes a home ‘cozy’? And how do you achieve this without looking like a Whistler ski lodge from the 1990s?

Today we’re going to look at our favourite Rustic Meets Modern spaces and why they should be saved to your Pinterest for future inspiration.

Rustic Meets Modern - Novero Homes Vancouver

Baby its cold outside

If there was one key element one needed to have a cozy space, we think a feature fireplace would be at the top of the list. Whether its a grand stone fireplace, or something more minimal, fire and flame is your friend when it comes to achieving the Rustic Meets Modern look. We love how this space has a clean and simple fireplace but makes a statement with the wood storage built into the wall. And you don’t have to be dark and moody to be cozy either, this space is light, bright and still makes us feel all the warm and fuzzies.


Rustic Meets Modern - Novero Homes Vancouver

What Wood Santa Do?

Wood, wood and more wood. Pretty much the necessities of creating a cozy Rustic Meets Modern space. Enveloping a space in a natural, warm wood seems like it could be a bit much, but judging by this space, it looks perfectly inviting (imagine curling up for a siesta post Holiday shopping). The key to not letting this look like you’re in a sauna is natural light, and lots of it.


Rustic Meets Modern - Novero Homes Vancouver

Let there be light

No Rustic Meets Modern home would be complete without grand ceilings. Vaulted ceilings give that lodge-like feel and can also add plenty of light–perfect for a living room but we love how this kitchen screams coziness with all the natural wooden beams. Dark counter tops add a sense of warmth to the white kitchen cupboards and all that’s missing here is a large vintage floor rug.


Rustic Meets Modern - Novero Homes Vancouver

The Great Outdoors

Achieving that rustic feel is all about bringing outdoor elements INTO the home. But what about the reverse? Extend your living space outdoors and create a cozy space to stargaze with friends. Because we’re in Vancouver, an outdoor fire source (and maybe some above head shelter) is necessary, but its true, you really can enjoy the outdoors all year round. And it doesn’t get more rustic than that.