“Trends” is a tricky word to use with kitchen updates. Who wants to be investing in something that might feel out of style two years later? So ‘fresh ideas’ might be a better description for our list of kitchen trends that we’ve seen surge across our favourite sources like Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz, and design magazines.

Here we’re sharing seven of our favourites, although there are many others. Use this list as inspiration for your upcoming kitchen project, and if you think we missed something truly great, please let us know!

Dining Islands

Substantial kitchen islands with large surfaces are nothing new, but there’s a movement to make them work better as dining spaces. More comfortable seating, more leg room, and seats positioned on more than one side. They can replace the kitchen table, or provide extra seating when entertaining. The party always happens in the kitchen!

Top Kitchen Trend: Dining Island
Design: Leclair Decor

Colour—Especially Green

While there will always be white kitchens, it’s very clear that coloured cabinetry is capturing more hearts. Blue is still hot (see our 2019 kitchen projects), but we’re now envying green in kitchens…olive, forest, jade, and other shades from nature. In more fashion-forward quarters, we’re seeing bold black or soft pastel palettes on cabinets.

Top Kitchen Trends: Green
Design: Studio McGee

Warm Woods

Yes, there’s colour happening in kitchens but there’s also wood, and the two make a terrific team. Hopefully “warm woods” doesn’t conjure nightmares of glazed, yellowy cabinets (or even the dark stuff) from 10-20 years ago. We’re talking ash, oak and walnut, with character and natural rustic texture that are being used in ways beyond the usual flooring.

Kitchen Trends: Warm Wood
Design: The House of Silver Lining

Eye-Catching Tile

Traditional subway tile backsplashes are being skipped over in favour of more unique shapes, colour, and pattern. Hexagon, herringbone, fishscale and kitkat shapes have jumped in popularity along with richer colours, mosaics, and geometric patterns. Graphic tiles are also covering kitchen floors, and look gorgeous in smaller spaces.

Design: Studio McGee
Kitchen Trends: Tile
Design: LH Designs

Stone Statements

Richly veined stone in large slabs take centre stage as waterfall countertop islands and/or as a stunning countertop-backsplash combination. Larger-scale, darker dramatic veining is preferred, and warmer tones make it look more modern. While marble initially comes to mind here, there are plenty of premium quartz options with the same wow factor.

Kitchen Trends: Stone
Design: Blakes London
Kitchen Trends: Stone
Design: Calla Studio


Planning kitchen cabinetry for specific items, and incorporating rollouts and dividers inside is incredibly user-friendly. Appliance garages are still popular for housing items that aren’t used often, keeping them hidden but close at hand. But what really gets us excited are storage walls: Floor to ceiling cabinetry, the modern version of the classic butler’s pantry, to capture all our Costco and Bosa Foods purchases.

Kitchen Trends: Warm Wood
Design: Chris Loves Julia

Curated Kitchen Vignettes

Open shelving and uncluttered countertops are encouraging careful styling of kitchen treasures. Our penchant for arranging beautiful items on bookshelves has shifted into this space: cue the short stack of bowls, cutting boards, framed art, pottery that you love (but never use), rustic wood things, greenery, and favourite cookbooks. Then take a photo to share on Insta #kitchenshelves.

Kitchen Trends: Styled Shelves

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