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If you’ve been checking out any of the home design/decor blogs and websites lately, you’ve probably seen the word “Ultraviolet” pretty much everywhere. Each year, our industry gets excited to hear what will be released as the color of the year by none other than Pantone. Best known for their the Pantone Color Matching System, Pantone standardizes colors so that different manufacturers in different locations can all refer to the Pantone system to make sure colors match without direct contact with one another. They’re basically the color guru.

Although Novero Homes is a home building company, we share the same passion for interior design and decor that most of you all reading this do. Our industries are so intertwined that one can’t really go on without the other. We’re also firm believers in keeping stable elements of the home (cabinetry, appliances, flooring, etc) classic instead of uprooting your entire home for a color you may tire of over the next year.

3 easy ways to incorporate Pantone’s Ultraviolet into your home… without being too permanent


When in doubt, paint it. Because once you’re over it, you can just paint over it again. We always advise our clients to factor bringing color in through paint, especially if it’s a trend color or they’re worried they won’t love it for years to come. We think that Ultraviolet is a beautiful statement color for a front door. It’s bold hue will pop and pairs beautifully with antique brass. Of course, you can always paint a feature wall or inside a cabinet too.

We browsed paint colors and found this one to be our favourite.



Ultraviolet Novero Homes

Another great way to incorporate Ultraviolet into your home is by using accents such as furniture and decor. We wouldn’t recommend investing in pricey pieces (unless you’ve always enjoyed this color), but rather trendy items that you won’t be afraid to sell or donate in a few years. Things like chairs, books, vases, throws, pillows… you get the idea.

Ultraviolet Novero Homes

Ultraviolet Novero Homes


This color is bold and not for the feint of heart. So if you’re not feeling up for it, but still want to get on the purple train, why not try a similar shade? Using a guide, like the one below from, you can find colors in the same family and that are more palatable on the eyes.

Novero Homes Ultraviolet

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