Source: NOVERO Homes – Moodyville project
Source: Novero Homes – Moodyville project
Source: NOVERO Homes – Moodyville


  • Category: Renovations
  • Construction Date: 2020
  • Location: North Vancouver, BC

After moving into a brand new duplex, these clients asked NOVERO to add some design details to elevate the living space. The primary challenge: Hide the unsubtle electrical panel on the wall beside the fireplace—while still keeping it accessible. The solution: Design and build a beautiful walnut slat accent wall that perfectly reflects the owners’ modern style and creates a distinct focal point in the room. We incorporated plenty of storage to keep the minimalist space looking tidy, and floating shelves for display. We stained the shelves and cabinetry cap to match the slat wall.

Not only do the clean vertical lines of the slats provide visual interest, but they also give the illusion that the ceilings are taller than they really are. Paired with the long run of modular cabinetry, the wood features add texture and warmth while reflecting the existing furnishings.

In the kitchen area, we created another accent wall by adding a wainscotting detail that brings interest and a unique touch to the space.

For more on this project, watch the Moodyville video with before and after footage.

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