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We all have that one house in our neighborhood that oozes curb appeal and looks like it was straight out of a magazine. When we drive by, we find ourselves wondering what it must be like to live there. We imagine the inside to be styled from head-to-toe without spec of dust in sight. As we pull up to our own home, we start to examine it and determine we’re not worthy, at least not like that home.

However, today we’re going to share with your our Top 7 Tips to Boost your very own Curb Appeal so that maybe yours can be the house all the neighbours dream of.

1. Start with a pop of colour.

Don’t be shy. Paint your front door in a bold colour that’s complentary to the rest of your exterior scheme. The most popular door colours are shades of the classic primaries blue, red & yellow (but not limited to).

2. Lead the way.

Draw the eye from the street up to your home using a clear and well-made walkway. We love how this curb appeal example offers 2 distinct paths without looking too busy.

3. Light it up.

Exterior lighting is a key player in providing the ultimate curb appeal to your home. Use a mix of accent, task and ambient lighting (we’ll touch on these in a later blog post) to create a beautiful setting.

4. Think green.

Lush vegetation immediately attracts the eye and gives the illusion of being in another part of the world. However, be careful not to overdo it, and only add what you can maintain.

5. Take a seat.

Use your front porch as an extension of your home by creating vignettes with seating wherever you have the space. This immediately evokes a feeling of home and is extremely attractive to passersby. If this isn’t appealing then we don’t know want to know what is!

6. Accentuate.

Shutters and accent trim are a surefire way to add character to your home and curb appeal along with it. Imagine what this house would look like without the detail around the window and door… what a difference!

7. Be artful.

While you hang and display beautiful art inside your home, why can’t you do the same curbside? Quirky and whimsical elements will differentiate your home from the rest and create some real conversation starters for the neighbours walking by.

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