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“I remember the days I wished for the things that I have now”

This quote resonates with us when it comes to giving thanks. This holiday is special to us as it allows us to reflect on all the blessings we’ve received over the past year (and believe us, we have many). We wanted to take a moment and recognize the things we, as a company & a family are grateful for.

Our Clients.

Because without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We are fortunate to work with some of the most inspiring humans who have not only become friends, but family. Who share a passionate vision with us and who allow us to make their dreams a reality.


In the game life, doors will open and doors will close. We’re thankful for all the doors that have opened for us over the years. From the trust that’s instilled in us to realize a client’s dreams to the loyal connections we have with our distributors and sub-contractors — each of these provide us with ample opportunity to prove ourselves as a reliable, visionary company.

Our Country

Our story began in 1964 in Isola d’Ishcia, Italy, with Guiseppe Di Meglio and his family but continues today here in this beautiful land of opportunity. We’re thankful that all those years ago, the Di Meglio family was able come to Canada and pursue their dreams and we’re dedicated to help others pursue theirs.

Our NOVERO Family

Last but not least. Our hard working NOVERO family. You’re the reason we get up each and every day. The collective efforts of our team has inspired us over the years, but especially in the last 365 days. Because of them, we are able to grow and take on new levels of work. Knowing we have a strong, bonded team behind us provides us with the confidence to achieve our goals and we couldn’t be more thankful for that.

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Thankful and grateful today, and every day.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Novero Homes